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Quick Turn Prototype Program


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Life Sciences, Analytical, Spectroscopy, Defense, Aerospace, Semiconductor, and Other Related Industries Look to OPCO for Innovation, Service and Precision.

As an innovative leader, OPCO has recently announced the development of the Next Generation in Ruled Diffraction Gratings. Our proprietary ruling engine generates masters with lower scattered light than older technology engines. The Result: production of your gratings at faster, with higher performance and at lower cost.

Whether its fast turn Prototypes or Manufacturing support, OPCO is your fast and reliable optical partner.



In support of our customers, OPCO offers a Quick-Turn Prototype Program that can deliver finished products within 1-2 weeks.

We recognize that all of our customers’ programs are on tight schedules. We will work with you to provide the optics you need to support your deadlines.

quick turn prototypesQuick Turn Prototype service that can deliver finished products

in 1-2 weeks ARO.

Quick Turn Prototypes
optical components OPCO precision lenses are designed and manufactured to add value in the end use application.
Whether you have a specific coating design or simply spectral performance requirements, we’ll create a coating to meet your needs.
Optical Replication Provides Cost-Effective, Volume Production of Complex Optical Surfaces
OPCO engineers will help you design a component and its coating to meet your unique application needs.
Optical Design
Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss your requirements.
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After over five years in development, OPCO announces the NEXT GENERATION of Ruled Diffraction Grating production. OPCO’s new technology allows us to produce new ruled grating masters, quickly and tailored to your specific needs.

OPCO will replicate one of our many quality diffraction gratings or your master onto a variety of glass, metal, ceramic, or polymer substrates. These replicas can be processed with high reflectivity coatings or an AR coating for transmission gratings.

diffraction curvesReview typical optical curves representing OPCO’s High quality and precision production.
Efficiency Curves
optical coatingsOPCO Components and Diffraction Gratings on the Moon
Lunar Case Study
ruled gratings engineRuled and diffraction gratings at a higher quality, with faster production and less cost than traditional processes.
Ruling Engine
custom ruled gratingsOPCO can design and develop custom ruled grating masters to suit any application requirement.
Custom Gratings
optical fabrication and production OPCO manufactures custom lenses, prisms, beamsplitters, mirrors, windows, filters, domes, flats, and many other optical components.
OPCO has a variety of E-Beam and Ion Assist Deposition (IAD) coating chambers capable of producing a broad range of metal and dielectric thin film coatings.
Optical Replication Provides Cost-Effective, Volume Production of Complex Optical Surfaces
OPCO will support your company’s success in developing, designing, and delivering cutting edge products to your customers.
Life Cycle Support
fabricationOPCO can manufacture any optical assembly from the most simple lens barrel to a fully integrated optical sub-assembly.
Contract Manufacturing
Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss your requirements.
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For over 30 years, OPCO has been manufacturing components and assemblies to meet the production needs of our customers.

The OPCO OEM Lifecycle Support Program will work with your firm throughout the four major phases of production.

1 Initial Concept
2 Development
3 Design and Prototype
4 Manufacturing Ramp