New State-of-the-Art Ruling Engine
for Ruled Diffraction Gratings Masters

ruled diffraction gratings engineAfter five years in development, OPCO has announced its NEXT GENERATION RULING ENGINE for the production of diffraction gratings masters. This new, state of the art ruling technology will permit OPCO to produce high quality replica gratings from new master rulings, quicker and less costly than traditional processes.

Most replicated ruled gratings produced today rely on masters created by decades old ruling engine technology; many of these masters were ruled more than 30 years ago. Because of our technologically superior mechanical design, OPCO’s replica gratings created from masters ruled on our new engine are demonstrating high efficiency, low scattered light, no periodic errors, and zero ghosts.

OPCO Laboratory welcomes your request for custom-ruled, high quality plane grating masters with virtually any groove frequency, blaze wavelength, and Dual Blaze.

All of OPCO’s gratings can be replicated for use in reflection or transmission onto a variety of glass, metal, ceramic, or polymer substrates. These replicas can then be coated with a high reflectivity coating for reflection gratings, or an A/R coating for transmission gratings.

ruled diffraction gratings

OPCO’s proven replication process for gratings is repeatable and very cost effective. This ensures that the performance of the grating is equal to that of the master, and consistent from instrument to instrument.

Please contact us to discuss your spectrometer requirements and on how our replica gratings and assembly service can assist you in manufacturing a quality, reproducible spectrometer. Should you need assistance, our staff spectroscopist and optical designers are available to help you choose the right grating and optics for your application.

Mars Rover ChemCam

Our Optics Are Out of This World!

OPCO provided several diffraction gratings that are integrated into the Spectrometers in the ChemCam Instrument Package mounted on the Curiosity Rover Vehicle.


Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss how the quality of our NEXT GENERATION ruling engine can put you ahead of the competition.


  • UV-VIS-IR Spectroscopy
  • Monochromators and Spectrographs
  • Analytical Instrumentation:
  • Molecular: HPLC, UV/VIS, NIR, IR, Raman
  • Atomic: ICP, Arc/Spark, AA, LIBS
  • Telecom WDM, DWDM, CWDM
  • Laser Tuning
  • Metrology Instruments


  • Ruled Diffraction Gratings
  • Holographic Diffraction Gratings
  • Echelle Gratings
  • Dual Blaze Gratings
  • Volume Replication of Customer Supplied Master
  • High Efficiency Reflective Coatings: Enhanced Al/MgF2, Au, and Pt


  • Materials: BK-7, Fused Silica, Pyrex, Zerodur, Ceramics, Aluminum, and more
  • Dimensions: 10mm — 100mm in Length
  • Thickness: ≥ 3mm
  • Surface Accuracy: λ/4 typical
  • Shape: Flat, Concave, or Convex in Square, Round, Rectangular, or Customer Specified
  • Grooves/mm: 30 to 3600
  • Wavelength Range: UV — Mid IR (Typical Grating Efficiency Curves)
  • Space Qualified: currently in the Mars ROVER ChemCam Spectrometers