Dielectric Coatings

Dielectric Coatings

Dielectric CoatingsOPCO produces Dielectric Coatings in short runs as a prototype on a wide variety of substrates that are used for high and low voltage applications.

We coat optics produced in-house as well as customer supplied components.

Why Dielectric Coatings?

Dielectric coatings are more durable than metallic coatings and they can be optimized for specific wavelength ranges.

These coatings are also ideal for creating partial reflectors used for beamsplitters and windows to control and direct light throughput and polarization.

Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss your coating requirements.


  • Hot and Cold mirrors
  • High reflectivity over broad wavelength ranges
  • Optimized laser beam steering mirrors
  • Discrete wavelength range transmission and reflection for windows and mirrors

Coatings customized to your specification

  • Your design or OPCO can design a coating for your needs
  • Broadband, V-coat, bandpass, partially reflective
  • Fast turn-around with multiple coating chambers
  • Coatings on your supplied substrates
  • Quick-turn custom substrate fabrication and coating in house


  • Longpass, Shortpass, and Bandpass
  • Laser line and V-coat
  • Hybrid Metal Dielectric
  • High reflectivity
  • 190nm to 5µm