Quick Turn Prototype Program

Quick Turn Prototype Optics Program

quick turn prototype optics program

Custom Prototype Optics in 1-2 Weeks!

To support our customers, OPCO offers a Quick Turn Prototype Optics service that can deliver finished products in 1-2 weeks ARO. This service is dependent upon the complexity of the product, availability of raw material, and also may be dependent upon tooling.


We recognize that many of our customers’ programs are on tight schedules and optical components can often be the longest lead-time item in a system.

In many cases, such as optical coatings or simple lenses, windows, mirrors, and prisms, our company has delivered finished products in days and not weeks.

While catalog optical suppliers often have a large inventory of standard parts, in many cases off-the-shelf optics just will not do the job.

OPCO is a vertically integrated manufacturer with all our products built in our state of the art production facility in Massachusetts.

There may be an additional expedite fee applied for this service. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and timeline. We will deliver the optics needed to support your project on time!

The OPCO OEM Lifecycle Support Program is designed to support your company’s success in developing, designing, and delivering cutting edge products to your customers.

Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss your turn-around times to develop your prototype.