Optical Components

optical components

OPCO precision Lenses are designed and manufactured to add value in the end use application.

Skilled opticians operating in a modern manufacturing facility produce custom optical components in prototype to production quantities. Utilizing a vertically integrated approach to the manufacturing process including CNC fabrication, high performance coating, and precise metrology and testing assures cost effective lenses with repeatable accuracy and on-time delivery.

Using materials such as fused silica, low and high index glass, silicon, germanium, sapphire, CaF2, MgF2, and ZnSe, OPCO engineers produce highly precise optical products.

Working from in-house designs or customer supplied specifications, OPCO CNC turns, shapes, grinds, and polishes optics in sizes up to 400mm in diameter, with surface quality to 10 -5, surface accuracy to Lambda/20, wedge or prism angles down to seconds, centration error within seconds, and tolerances to 10 microns.

Coatings employing Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) or E-beam deposition are available in custom, anti-reflective, reflective, enhanced Al, protected Al, Ag, and Au, and Multilayer dielectric designs.