Replicated Mirrors

replicated mirrorsOur proprietary optical replication process can replicate simple or complex optical surfaces directly onto glass, metal, ceramic, or polymer substrates.

Replication permits products to be designed with lower cost, lighter weight, and smaller size than conventional optics can achieve.

Replicated optics can also include integral mounting and alignment features that facilitate installation and lower parts count.

The replication process transfers the optical features from a “master” surface to a host substrate that can be made from a variety of materials. Once the surface figure is transferred using our proprietary epoxy and coating process, the host substrate assumes the optical properties and performance of the “master” optic. OPCO has a variety of “master” optics in inventory or a custom “master” can be created for your specific application. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

For single or high volume production, OPCO provides custom engineering, optimum performance, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. At OPCO, we are passionate about applying our technology to help you bring your products to market.

Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss optically replicating your mirrors.


  • Mini Spectrometer mirrors and gratings
  • Galvanometer Mirrors
  • Multi-Pass Gas Analyzer Cells
  • Vehicle Collision Detection Systems
  • Semiconductor Positioning Stages
  • Optical Sub-Assemblies
  • Low Cost Aspheric and Toroidal Mirrors

Typical Materials

  • Fused Silica, Low Expansion Glass
  • Metals (aluminum, magnesium, iron, and beryllium alloys)
  • Light Weight Materiel (Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Nitride, Polymers)
  • Space qualified replication materials
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +65°C
  • Variety of reflective coatings based on wavelength requirements