Thin Film Coating

 thin film coating

Whether you have a specific coating design or simply spectral performance requirements, we’ll create a thin film coating to meet your needs.

Utilizing Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) with E-Beam and Resistive evaporation technologies, we are able to accurately and repeatedly produce a wide variety of standard and custom Thin Film Coatings.

OPCO has been producing Thin Film Coatings since 1972. We have continuously fine tuned our processes, purchased new capital equipment, and perfected our capabilities to deliver cutting edge, high performance optical coatings.

For production quantities, the recent addition of several Ion Assist Deposition (IAD) optical coating systems strengthens OPCOs previously extensive ability to provide production volume durable coatings.

When you need to test feasibility of your project, Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss your coating requirements.

General Coating Capabilities

  • Polarization: S,P or Average
  • Wavelength: 126nm to 25 micron
  • Angle of Incidence: 0° to 70°
  • Substrate Material: Glass, Crystal, Metal, Ceramic and Exotic Materials
  • Military Specifications: Mil-C-675, Mil-F-48616, Mil-M-13508, Mil-C-48497
  • UV- Far IR

For applications requiring more creative solutions, OPCOs engineering design staff will design a custom coating specifically matched to the application requirements.

For More Details on OPCO’s coating capabilities follow the links listed below: