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Contract Manufacturing

Optical Contract Manufacturing

Optical Contract Manufacturing
The optical professionals will provide contract manufacturing services from the most simple lens barrel to a fully integrated optical sub-assembly.

Our team provides complete in-house engineering, prototyping, and subsystem production and can deliver pre-aligned and calibrated systems for a variety of devices.

Testing and alignment is accomplished using state of the art autocollimators, interferometers, spectrophotometers, and laser systems. All of this expertise translates into a quality, cost effective assembly that seamlessly integrates into the final product.

OPCO provides custom engineering, optimum performance, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss your production requirements.


  • Camera Systems
  • Mini Spectrometers
  • Metrology Instruments
  • Medical Devices
  • Eyepieces & Objectives
  • Optical Sub-Assemblies


  • Lens Barrels
  • Mounted Mirrors, Gratings, Filters, and Beamsplitters
  • Integrated Systems (Mechanics, Optics, Electronics)
  • Turn-Key Assembly
  • Design Services and Program Consultation



Our extensive fabrication capabilities are made possible in part by using the correct equipment to produce specific Optics. OPCO is committed to procuring and maintaining the equipment, if necessary, to fulfill the Optics needs of our customers.

OPCO manufactures custom lenses, prisms, beamsplitters, mirrors, windows, filters, domes, flats, and many other optical components.

OPCO has the capability to manufacture your production quantities. Our vertically integrated manufacturing allows us total process control over your product.

Below is a partial list of some of the equipment utilized by OPCO in the production of Precision Custom Optics.

Machining and Forming

Machining and Forming

  • 5 Axis Capable HAAS CNC Machining Center
  • CNC Dicing and Grinding
  • CNC state-of-the-art, 2-Head Curve Generators
  • 7 Axis CNC Laser Centering
  • Micro-Dicing
  • Step and Repeat Dicing
  • Surface Grinders
  • Modern Precision Polishing Equipment and Processes


  • Small and Large Capacity Spindle Polishers
  • Two Sided Planetary Polishers
  • Micro-Lens Polishers
  • Various Jigs and Fixtures for Special Optics

Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss your project requirements.

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