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Learn About OPCO Laboratory’s Optical Coatings

Our Optical Components

At OPCO Laboratory, Inc. we specialize in the design and manufacture of optical components and optical assemblies. With over 40 years of industry experience, our team of scientists, engineers, and technicians has what it takes to deliver a complete solution for nearly any optical need.

Our core product offerings include:


As suggested by the name, beamsplitters are used to split beams of light. While they are technically categorized as transmissive optical components, they perform both transmissive and reflective operations; incident light directed through them splits into different beams based on a set reflection-transmission ratio. Beamsplitters are available with several design variations, including polarizing vs. non-polarizing and narrow vs. broad wavelength ranges. They also come in numerous types, such as plate beamsplitters, cube beamsplitters, polka dot beamsplitters, dichroic beamsplitters, lateral displacement beamsplitters, and pellicle beamsplitters. For information about our beamsplitter capabilities, visit our beamsplitter page.

Thin Film Coatings

Thin film optical coatings modify the reflective, transmissive, and/or polarizing properties of optical components to improve their performance within optical systems. The type of optical coating applied depends on the effect desired. For example, metallic coatings enhance the reflectivity of optical components (e.g., mirrors), while dielectric coatings enhance the ability of optical components to accommodate different reflectivity-to-transmissivity ratios across a set wavelength range. In addition to metallic and dielectric coatings, some of the other types of thin film optical coatings include the following:

Visit our thin film coatings overview page to find out more about these optical components.


Optical filters are passive optical components that enable the transmission of light with a specific wavelength or set of wavelengths. They are available in two main variations: absorptive and dichroic. Absorptive filters feature special coatings made from organic and inorganic materials that allow for the absorption of all other wavelengths except the desired one(s). Dichroic filters have coatings that reflect—rather than absorb—the undesirable wavelength(s). We provide optical filters suitable for use in aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and other analytical and research applications in prototype and production quantities. For more information about our filter capabilities, read through our fabrication page.

Diffraction Gratings

Diffraction gratings are passive optical components that diffract—i.e., separate and redirect—light into different beams at different angles depending on their wavelength. They are commonly integrated in optical equipment for research and analysis applications, such as spectrometers and monochromators. These optical components are available in ruled and holographic gratings. Our team supplies ruled diffraction gratings replicated from custom masters. Read our Standard vs. Custom Diffraction Grating Masters article for more information on these products. For more information about our ruled diffraction grating capabilities, visit our ruled diffraction gratings page.

Lenses and Domes

Optical lenses and domes are found in the optical equipment of a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, life sciences, research, and semiconductor. They are available in several materials (e.g., calcium fluoride, fused silica, germanium, low- and high-index glass, magnesium fluoride, sapphire, silicon, and zinc selenide), shapes (e.g., aspherical, spherical, plano, double concave, convex, drum, ball, cylindrical, and dome), and sizes to suit most applications. We offer optical lenses and domes in prototype to production volumes. Learn more about our optical dome and lens capabilities.


Optical mirrors are employed to reflect light in a variety of optical applications, such as beam steering, imaging, and illumination. They come in several variations (e.g., flat vs. spherical vs. aspherical, small vs. large, etc.) to suit different performance requirements. We design and manufacture optical mirrors up to 300 millimeters in diameter. They are available in several materials and wavelength ranges. For information about our optical mirror capabilities, continue reading on our precision mirrors page.

Windows and Prisms

Optical windows and prisms are used in a wide range of optical equipment, including cameras, liquid chromatography systems, and spectrometers. They are available in numerous materials, shapes, and sizes to suit different applications. Our windows are also available with ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared, and infrared coatings, while our prisms can have custom anti-reflective, beamsplitter, and reflective coatings. Both can be made from calcium fluoride, fused silica, germanium, low- and high-index glass, magnesium fluoride, sapphire, silicon, and zinc selenide. Continue reading about our window and prism capabilities for more information

Choose OPCO Laboratory, Inc. for Optical Components

At OPCO Laboratory, Inc., we are an ITAR-registered designer and manufacturer of a broad selection of standard and custom optical components and assemblies. Our extensive experience, combined with our state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, allows us to produce high-quality optical solutions for customers in the aerospace, defense, life sciences, semiconductor, and many other industries. For additional information or questions about the above optical components or our design and manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

Optical Products

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