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Spectral Coating Curves

The following are samples of various Spectral Coating Curves. Skilled opticians operating in a modern manufacturing facility produce custom lenses in prototype to production quantities. Utilizing a vertically integrated approach to the manufacturing process including CNC fabrication, high performance coating, and precise metrology and testing assures cost effective lenses with repeatable accuracy and on-time delivery.

Excimer Laser Mirror Coating

Excimer Laser Mirror Coating

Dura-Max™ Protected Silver Mirror

Dura Max Protected Silver Mirror

X-High™ All Dielectric Visible Mirror

X High All Dielectric Visible Mirror

X-HARD™ UV Enhanced Aluminum Mirror

X Hard Uv Enhanced Aluminum Mirror

Vacuum UV Aluminum Mirror Coating for Spectroscopy
(ICP, Arc/Spark, AA, LIBS, etc.)

Vacuum Uv Aluminum Mirror Coating

Protected Gold Coating

Protected Gold Coating

Protected Silver Coating

Protected Silver Coating

Unprotected Gold and Platinum Coatings

Unprotected Gold And Platinum Coatings

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