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Anti-Reflective Coatings

At OPCO, our commitment to innovative solutions in the field of optical coatings is profound. We partner with our clients, allowing us to fully understand their unique needs and, in turn, design a bespoke optical coating prototype that will revolutionize their applications. With expertise garnered from over three decades in the thin film design and production industry, OPCO is exceptionally equipped to provide the necessary coating that would enhance your system’s performance exponentially.

Our ability to craft custom optical coatings is bolstered by our significant investments in cutting-edge in-house capabilities. This advantage allows us to build rapid prototypes, presenting a tangible proof of concept to our clients. Consequently, this capacity not only affirms the feasibility of your envisioned design but also dramatically shortens the development cycle, resulting in an accelerated time-to-market for your product. By ensuring swift implementation of your optical coating needs, OPCO contributes to boosting your competitive edge in today’s fast-paced industry.

Reach out to Ryan at OPCO to discuss your distinct coating requirements. Our dedicated team will walk you through the various possibilities that our custom optical coatings could offer. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we ensure that your specific demands are met and surpassed, delivering products that set new industry standards.

Our Typical Custom Coatings include, but are not limited to:

  • V, W, and AR Coatings: Tailored for exceptional performance across a wide spectral range, these are ideal for anti-reflection and increasing transmission in various devices.
  • Hybrid Reflector Coatings: Designed for maximum reflectivity and optimum performance, these coatings are perfect for applications requiring high reflectance and broad bandwidth.
  • Beamsplitter Coatings: Perfect for creating non-polarizing or polarizing beamsplitters, they precisely divide light paths for critical optical system needs.
  • Neutral Density Coatings: To control optical density without altering other properties, perfect for controlling light intensity in various applications such as spectroscopy.
  • ITO Coatings: Offering high conductivity and transparency, these are widely used in flat-panel displays and touchscreens for their exceptional electro-optical properties.
  • Filter Coatings: Engineered for wavelength selection and rejection, they serve critical roles in diverse fields like astronomy, medicine, and telecommunications.
  • Polarization Sensitive Coatings: Delivering superior polarization control, these coatings are instrumental in systems requiring specific polarized light like in laser technology.
  • High Reflector Coatings: Providing optimal reflectance over a broad spectral range, they are essential in systems demanding high reflectivity like laser cavities and telescopes.
  • Patterned Coatings: Designed for precision in light management, these are essential for applications needing spatial variation in optical properties like in microelectronics.
  • Dielectric Coatings: For enhanced reflection and transmission control, these coatings are key for reducing reflection and enhancing transmission in optical systems.
  • Metallic Coatings: Delivering high reflection over a wide spectral range, these are used in applications like mirrors, where broad-spectrum reflection is required.

Here at OPCO, we are not just one of the many optical coating manufacturers; we are your partner in innovation. We believe that no optical coating project is too complex, and no optic coat is too challenging to produce. As one of the leading optical coating companies, we put your needs at the center of our operations, guaranteeing products that exceed your expectations and set you apart in your field. Contact us today to discover the OPCO difference and how we can transform your optical coating needs into cutting-edge solutions.

OPCO engineers will help you design a component and its Custom Optical Coatings to meet your unique application needs. With over three decades of experience in thin film design and production, we can provide the custom optical coating required to optimize your systems’ performance.

We have invested in extensive in-house capabilities allowing for rapid prototype creation for your proof of concept. This results in accelerating time to market.

OPCO has the capability to manufacture your production quantities. Our vertically integrated manufacturing allows us total process control over your product.

Contact Ryan at OPCO to discuss your coating requirements.

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